Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

How about something a little different for your Halloween decor this year – fabric pumpkins!

You will need:-


embroidery thread



small stick


sewing machine (you can hand sew if you don’t have a machine)

1. The proportions for the fabric are twice the width of the height. For this pumpkin two pieces of fabric each measuring 25cm high and 50cm wide were used. You can make larger or smaller pumpkins using these proportions.

2. Place the fabric wrong sides together and machine sew along the shorter side. You can hand sew the sides if you don’t have a sewing machine.

3. Using a needle and strong thread (if you have enough, the embroidery thread is a good option) sew running stitch across one of the long sides, then pull the thread to gather and turn the fabric so the right side is on the outside.4. Sew running stitch, as before around the top of the pumpkin. If you use an extra long piece of thread you can tie the ends together so it doesn’t slide out of place while you are stuffing the pumpkin.

5. Next thread the embroidery thread onto an embroidery needle and pass down the centre of the pumpkin coming out at the bottom. You need to do this approximately seven times and space the thread equally around the pumpkin. When you have finished you need to pull the thread so it creates the lines and ridges you find on a pumpkin. Tie off the thread when you have finished.

6. Finally, insert the stick through the centre of the pumpkin and decorate with ribbons, strings of beads or anything else that inspires you or matches your decorating scheme.

With so many pretty fabrics available you can create an original and pretty display for Halloween x

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Paper Heart Tutorial

These gorgeous hearts are made from scrapbook paper so the patterns and colour options are endless. The hearts can be hung on their own, or as a garland on a length of ribbon.

You will need:-

• Square paper. I used 12×12” scrapbook paper.
• Ribbon.
• Spray craft glue.
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Hole punch
• Stapler.

 1.  Take two sheets of matching paper, use the spray glue to stick the white sides together.

2.  Use the scissors to cut the paper sheet into 1” strips. You need 7 strips for each heart. Two need to be 12” long, two 10.5”, two 9” and one 6″.

3.  Use a hole punch to make a hole in the top of the 6” strip. This is where you thread the ribbon through for hanging.

4.  Next assemble the pieces as shown. The 6” strip is central with the hole at the top. The 12” strips sit next to this piece on either side, followed by the 10.5” and then 9” strips. Make sure the bottom of the strips all sit neatly at 3” from the top of the central piece. Staple in place.

5.  Bend the strips down to the bottom of the central piece of card and you will see one side of the heart form. Do the same on the other side and use a table to make sure all your pieces of card are lying flush before you staple in place.

6. Cut a 10” piece of ribbon and thread through the hole at the top of the heart and secure with a knot.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have fun making your own paper heart creations:)x

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Featured on Entouriste

My Paris photos are currently featured on Entouriste‘s travel blog, who feature gorgeous travel photography from all over the world x

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Beach Maternity Portraits

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Typewriter Girl


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