Happy Halloween

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Bow Tie Tutorial

These bow ties are really simple to make and can be made in so many different fabrics that your colours options are endless x

You will need:-

• Fabric
• Bow tie clips – 3 part set
• Scissors
• Pins
• Cotton thread
• Paper for making templates
• Pencil
• Ruler

1. First you need to cut out your paper templates and fabric. You need two pieces of fabric for the bow part of the bow tie. One piece only for the middle and strap.

2. Start with the two bow pieces. Take one piece and place it face down and turn the two long outer sides in by 1 cm.

3. Then take the shorter edges into the middle and pin in place. Use the ruler to make sure the two sides measure exactly the same.

4. Hand stitch down the centre. Repeat for the second bow.

5. To make the bow place the two bow pieces on top of each other and pinch in the middle. Stitch through the middle to hold in place.

6. Take the middle piece of the bow tie and turn the two long outer sides in. Iron along creases to hold in place.

7. Moving on to the strap, fold the two long sides to the middle with the right side of the fabric facing down. You are following the same procedure as used for the middle piece of the bow. The strap is just a longer piece of fabric.

8. Sew down the middle of the strap to hold in place.

9. Next the bow tie clips need to be attached to the strap. Take the first piece of clip, as shown in the image.

10. Slide it around one end of the strap.

11. Sew the end in place.

12. Take the bow tie clip with the small hook, and slide onto the bow tie.

13. Take the end, without the clip attached, and thread through the first bow tie clip.

14. The third part of the bow tie clip is threaded onto the remaining end and sewn in place.

15. Take the middle piece of the bow tie and place on top of the front of the bow tie.

16. Turn your bow tie over, add the strap and pin in place, followed by sewing.

17. Your bow tie is now finished.

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A woodland photo shoot x

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Gold Dipped Feathers Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to paint dip and add sparkle to feathers.

You will need:-
• feathers
• gold paint
• paint brush
• glitter
• masking tape

1. Decide how much of the feather you want painted gold and place the masking tape at this point across the feather.

2. Paint your feathers using the gold paint. Start from the masking tape painting up the feather to the tip.

3. While the paint is still wet sprinkle glitter on the feathers.

4. Gently remove the tape and leave the feathers to dry.

Use your feathers to make feather bunting, arrange them in jars as centre pieces on tables, or attach them to name place cards to co-ordinate with your decorating scheme x

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Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

How about something a little different for your Halloween decor this year – fabric pumpkins!

You will need:-


embroidery thread



small stick


sewing machine (you can hand sew if you don’t have a machine)

1. The proportions for the fabric are twice the width of the height. For this pumpkin two pieces of fabric each measuring 25cm high and 50cm wide were used. You can make larger or smaller pumpkins using these proportions.

2. Place the fabric wrong sides together and machine sew along the shorter side. You can hand sew the sides if you don’t have a sewing machine.

3. Using a needle and strong thread (if you have enough, the embroidery thread is a good option) sew running stitch across one of the long sides, then pull the thread to gather and turn the fabric so the right side is on the outside.4. Sew running stitch, as before around the top of the pumpkin. If you use an extra long piece of thread you can tie the ends together so it doesn’t slide out of place while you are stuffing the pumpkin.

5. Next thread the embroidery thread onto an embroidery needle and pass down the centre of the pumpkin coming out at the bottom. You need to do this approximately seven times and space the thread equally around the pumpkin. When you have finished you need to pull the thread so it creates the lines and ridges you find on a pumpkin. Tie off the thread when you have finished.

6. Finally, insert the stick through the centre of the pumpkin and decorate with ribbons, strings of beads or anything else that inspires you or matches your decorating scheme.

With so many pretty fabrics available you can create an original and pretty display for Halloween x

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