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Art Projects

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer holidays. It looks like the sun is going to shine for us a little while longer!

With the girls starting school this week, I am currently sorting out the studio ready to finish outstanding projects and to start work on new projects.

I am working with lots of new materials in preparation for creating a range of interior products based around new photo collections. I am using wood, ceramic, fabric, Polariods and resin to create and innovatively display images for use in the home.

For those who are familiar with my work, you will already know that I enjoy creating images which are romantic, timeless and whimsical. I love working with colour and while my style is mainly contemporary and classical, my taste is a little kitsch at times and all these elements will be present in my new collections.

I am very excited and looking forward to showcasing my work as soon as possible. I am working on three collections which have already been named; Shipwrecked, The Seamstress and Tea Party. The collections will be available for sale on-line and also through local (Dorset, UK) retailers who specialise in handcrafted art products.  I am not planning to blog about the collections and products until they are finished, however, I will post updates on where I am with this work as it progresses on Facebook and Twitter, so if you are not already following or have not ‘liked’ then please do, to get the news in your social media feeds.

Amongst this project I am also going to be exploring lots of different art methods which will provide me with reference and experience for future work.

I have recently made some owl cushions from my own design. I sourced a variety of fabrics and asked my children to choose the fabric combinations for each owl. I love how they’ve turned out!I’ve also been using clay to make Christmas decorations. I plan to make other Christmas pieces as and when I am inspired.Other plans are to go ‘thrifting’ to find furniture for renovating. After creating Dandelion for the Pride in Bournemouth event, I find that from time-to-time I need to work on a 3D surface.

I am also going to try making my own stamp to use on Kiss the Frog x’s stationery. I have been admiring some gorgeous stamps recently which have inspired me to not only have my own, but to make it myself.

I will also still be taking portrait and wedding commissions for photography, carrying out any design work required and popping in to Oxfam to continue my voluntary photography work for them.

So it really is time for me to get my apron on and get creating!

If you have any queries or questions you are welcome to use the contact form. I have disabled comments due to the large amount of spam comments I receive, but you are welcome to get in touch x

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