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Bow Tie Tutorial

These bow ties are really simple to make and can be made in so many different fabrics that your colours options are endless x

You will need:-

• Fabric
• Bow tie clips – 3 part set
• Scissors
• Pins
• Cotton thread
• Paper for making templates
• Pencil
• Ruler

1. First you need to cut out your paper templates and fabric. You need two pieces of fabric for the bow part of the bow tie. One piece only for the middle and strap.

2. Start with the two bow pieces. Take one piece and place it face down and turn the two long outer sides in by 1 cm.

3. Then take the shorter edges into the middle and pin in place. Use the ruler to make sure the two sides measure exactly the same.

4. Hand stitch down the centre. Repeat for the second bow.

5. To make the bow place the two bow pieces on top of each other and pinch in the middle. Stitch through the middle to hold in place.

6. Take the middle piece of the bow tie and turn the two long outer sides in. Iron along creases to hold in place.

7. Moving on to the strap, fold the two long sides to the middle with the right side of the fabric facing down. You are following the same procedure as used for the middle piece of the bow. The strap is just a longer piece of fabric.

8. Sew down the middle of the strap to hold in place.

9. Next the bow tie clips need to be attached to the strap. Take the first piece of clip, as shown in the image.

10. Slide it around one end of the strap.

11. Sew the end in place.

12. Take the bow tie clip with the small hook, and slide onto the bow tie.

13. Take the end, without the clip attached, and thread through the first bow tie clip.

14. The third part of the bow tie clip is threaded onto the remaining end and sewn in place.

15. Take the middle piece of the bow tie and place on top of the front of the bow tie.

16. Turn your bow tie over, add the strap and pin in place, followed by sewing.

17. Your bow tie is now finished.

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