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Dandelion Wishes

So this summer 50 life size lions, decorated by local artists and sponsored by local businesses, were scattered in and around Bournemouth in a charity arts event.

It was an amazing experience to be involved in this arts project and to be able to submit a design that fitted with the Kiss the Frog x beliefs and ideals, and then to actually create this beautiful lion, was an experience we will always cherish.

“If you blow all the seeds off a dandelion seed head your wish will come true. This is the inspiration for Dandelion with the magical white seeds against a brilliant blue summer sky incorporating heart shaped flowers to remind us all to dream and wish.”

So lion number 9 on the Pride in Bournemouth trail map was Dandelion and here are some photographs of our special lion from the event.

Dandelion was mounted on a concrete plinth and displayed in Bournemouth Gardens. This is his plaque which was attached to the plinth and contained details about the event and Dandelion.

Ultimately the event was in aid of two charities and all the lions were auctioned to raise funds for these charities.  Julia’s House is a hospice in Bournemouth which provides support and facilities for families with terminally ill children.  The Born Free Foundation is an international wildlife charity working throughout the world to stop individual wild animal suffering and protect threatened species in the wild.

All of the lions were sold at the auction and we were delighted to find that Dandelion had been purchased locally and will become a mascot to support other children’s charities.  We look forward to finding out what he gets up to next x

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Saturday Safari

Today is the last in the Saturday Safari feature. The lions have now all been successfully auctioned and are on their way to new homes.

The final lions on the Pride in Bournemouth trail are lions 46, 47, 48, 49 and 50. We also have a couple more lions to add which were last minute commissions created during the event.

Lion 46 is actually three lions, the Three England Lions. Created by Candida Boyes and sponsored by Inspired Imagery.
Number 47 is Kenny, created by Nairobi School and sponsored by First Choice Holidays.
Next is Chalky, lion number 48. Created by artist Lee Burrows and sponsored by Inspired Imagery.
Number 49 is Temba the very sparkly lion. Decorated with Swarvoski crystals and two real diamonds. One on his eye and the second amongst the crystals in his tail. Temba was created by artist Natalie Guy and sponsored by Poole Audi.
The final lion on the trail map is a Lioninsane, number 50. Created by artist Skin and sponsored by Led Zip Lighting.
The first of the newly commissioned lions was Sovereign, created by artist Carol Childs and sponsored by Boscombe’s Sovereign Centre. The second lion was created by Caroline Parrott and sponsored by Heart FM. Many local schools also participated in the Pride in Bournemouth event where children had the opportunity to contribute their artistic talents and decorate baby lions. These lions were displayed in Beales the department store in Bournemouth. Here are their amazing creations.
On Sunday 18 September all the gorgeous lions were auctioned at the Final Roar to raise funds for Julia’s House Hospice and the Born Free Foundation hosted by Martin Clunes. All of the lions were sold and it really was an amazing experience to be part of this charity event.

There is one more blog post to follow next week which will be all about Dandelion, with some information on his new home and his future role in our local community 🙂 x

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Saturday Safari

This week’s safari is the penultimate instalment in the Saturday Safari feature. Today we are visiting lions 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45 on the Pride in Bournemouth‘s lion trail.

Lion 40 is Bixy, created by artist Holly Tomkins and sponsored by BH Live.
 Number 41 is Headlion, created by artist Miroslav Lucan and sponsored by the Bournemouth Echo.
 Born to be Free is lion 42, created by artist Hazel Evans and sponsored by Westover Landrover Christchurch.
 Next is lion 43, Bellboy.  Created by artist Domini Deane and sponsored by the Bournemouth Marriot Hotel.
 Lion 44 is Winston.  Created by artist Katherine Earl and sponsored by Beales in Bournemouth.
 Our last lion today is number 45, Lionsome Tonight.  Created by Wild in Art for the Pride in Bournemouth event.
The lions are all now back in the den getting all spruced up ready for Sunday’s auction.  Here are a few behind the scenes photographs before the lions are displayed for the final time at the Bournemouth Pavillion Theatre on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September.  If you would like to attend the auction on the Sunday, to find out who buys the lions or even to buy one yourself, visit the Pride in Bournemouth‘s website for ticket information.

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Saturday Safari

Continuing our lion safari, today we are visiting lions 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 and 39 on the Pride in Bournemouth‘s lion trail.

The lions have now all been returned to the lion’s den and are awaiting attention from their artists where they will be cleaned and receive any repairs they need in preparation for the auction on Sunday 18 September.

Lion number 34 is Gem Deco, created by artist Hazel Evans and sponsored by the Cumberland Hotel in Bournemouth.
Lion number 35 is Surf Ari, created by Andres Canals and sponsored by the Richmond Gardens Shopping Centre. Lion Fish is number 36. Created by artist Domini Deane and sponsored by Dunkley Tiles. Next is lion 37, Frankenlion. Another amazing creation by artist Domini Deane and sponsored by Electricians On Line. Fin is lion number 38. Created by Natalie Guy and sponsored by the Dolphin Shopping Centre. Our final lion is Red Curtain. Lion number 39 has been created by Annika Garratt and sponsored by The Pavillion Theatre in Bournemouth. x

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Saturday Safari

Today the lions are being moved from the Pride in Bournemouth trail and returning to the lion’s den to be restored, if necessary, ready for the auction on Sunday 18 September. All proceeds from the auction will go to the charities Julia’s House and the Born Free Foundation. It will be a very interesting evening as we find out where the lions’ new homes will be and how much they each raise.

Continuing the safari we are visiting lions 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27 on the trail map.

Lion number 22 is Spirit. Created by artist Teresa Lawton and sponsored by Poole Accident Repair, Spirit has spent the summer in Boscombe Cliff Gardens.

Next is lion number 23 on the trail map, Bunting. Bunting’s artist is Tim Knight and this lion is sponsored by the Lord Bute Hotel. Bunting was on display by the bandstand at Fisherman’s Walk.

Lion number 24 is Aubrey, created by artist Saffron Guppy and sponsored by Castle Point Shopping Centre. Aubrey spent the summer at the shopping centre.

Franz Joseph is lion number 25. Created by artist Fiona Strimer and sponsored by the Arts University College Bournemouth. Franz Joseph has spent the summer on the university campus.

Lion number 26 is the delicious Sublion. Created by Helen Hiett and Amy Nixon, Sublion is sponsored by the Wallisdown Road Subway.

Our final lion today is Leatherbound, lion number 27.  Leatherbound’s artist is Lisa Berkshire and this design is sponsored by Poppies Art Workshops.  Leatherbound has spent the summer in Bournemouth’s Triange.