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Magical Bubble Wands Tutorial

These magical wands are so pretty and an absolute delight for children to play with.  You can even use them for your wedding or special event.  Round, star and heart wands are available to order.  Please use the contact form to get in touch.  Alternatively, you can follow the tutorial below to make your own.

You will need:-

• stainless steel or copper wire (these do not rust in the bubble blowing solution) measuring 30 cm for each bubble blower. Use the thickest wire possible for your beads so it carries the weight of them without bending.
• Craft pliers
• Small glass bottle. This is used to shape the hoop part of the bubble blower and needs to be the size of the hoop you require.
• Assorted beads

1. Wrap the wire around the glass bottle and twist to secure.

2. Keep twisting the wire using the craft pliers until there is no more excess wire.

3. Thread the beads onto the wire.

4. Leave 1.5 cm of wire at the bottom of the bubble blower and bend in the middle with the pliers.

5. Form a loop and squeeze together using the pliers.

6. Glass jars, or paper cups matching your colour scheme can be used for your bubble blowing solution.

Happy bubble blowing! x

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