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March has been such a busy month that I thought I would blog a mixture of Instagram and DSLR images to show you what I have been doing, or what has inspired me and caught my attention.

First is Spring, when it finally gets here, of course! The daffodils are making an entrance and it’s lovely to see bright bursts of yellow here and there.As you will see, from previous blog posts in March, I have started to list some of my new interior products for the home on Etsy. It’s also my intention to sell these items through local craft shows and local retailers.This is just the start of a long term project and I have two new sets of images which will be photographed during April.  One being a travel inspired set of images and another based around a bohemian topic.

Being a photographer and also an artist with products to sell, it has become apparent that I have some skills which can be shared, so I am currently writing a photography course for crafters and artists.  This course will be about using the camera you have and being shown tips and tricks to best photograph your products.  The first course will be run at the end of April/beginning of May.Next is a personal project where I am starting to re-decorate my own home.  First is my youngest daughter’s bedroom.  She chose a stars and stripes theme which was very different to the sugary pink colours she already had.  It still isn’t finished, but I am making as much as I can from wall art, bunting, cushions etc.  I will even be painting some furniture.Being a huge fan of Pinterest, it was interesting to see all the beautiful hand decorated eggs which ultimately inspired me to create my own.I find that most events now are becoming opportunities to try a new creative project, even down to making original packaging for Easter gifts.

Easter …Living by the sea I often enjoy taking photographs at the beach, even on cold and wintry days.Even barren branches overlooking the sea make lovely black and white images.My next adventure takes me to an exotic destination where I will be creating a set of travel inspired images for my interiors range.Finally, a pretty pink tea set, just because I liked it xx

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