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Saturday Safari

Continuing our lion safari, today we are visiting lions 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 and 39 on the Pride in Bournemouth‘s lion trail.

The lions have now all been returned to the lion’s den and are awaiting attention from their artists where they will be cleaned and receive any repairs they need in preparation for the auction on Sunday 18 September.

Lion number 34 is Gem Deco, created by artist Hazel Evans and sponsored by the Cumberland Hotel in Bournemouth.
Lion number 35 is Surf Ari, created by Andres Canals and sponsored by the Richmond Gardens Shopping Centre. Lion Fish is number 36. Created by artist Domini Deane and sponsored by Dunkley Tiles. Next is lion 37, Frankenlion. Another amazing creation by artist Domini Deane and sponsored by Electricians On Line. Fin is lion number 38. Created by Natalie Guy and sponsored by the Dolphin Shopping Centre. Our final lion is Red Curtain. Lion number 39 has been created by Annika Garratt and sponsored by The Pavillion Theatre in Bournemouth. x

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