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Saturday Safari

This week’s safari is the penultimate instalment in the Saturday Safari feature. Today we are visiting lions 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45 on the Pride in Bournemouth‘s lion trail.

Lion 40 is Bixy, created by artist Holly Tomkins and sponsored by BH Live.
 Number 41 is Headlion, created by artist Miroslav Lucan and sponsored by the Bournemouth Echo.
 Born to be Free is lion 42, created by artist Hazel Evans and sponsored by Westover Landrover Christchurch.
 Next is lion 43, Bellboy.  Created by artist Domini Deane and sponsored by the Bournemouth Marriot Hotel.
 Lion 44 is Winston.  Created by artist Katherine Earl and sponsored by Beales in Bournemouth.
 Our last lion today is number 45, Lionsome Tonight.  Created by Wild in Art for the Pride in Bournemouth event.
The lions are all now back in the den getting all spruced up ready for Sunday’s auction.  Here are a few behind the scenes photographs before the lions are displayed for the final time at the Bournemouth Pavillion Theatre on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September.  If you would like to attend the auction on the Sunday, to find out who buys the lions or even to buy one yourself, visit the Pride in Bournemouth‘s website for ticket information.

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