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Saturday Safari

Today we have lions 6, 7 and 8.

Lion number 6 is the Gold-Pride Award lion created by artist Natalie Guy and sponsored by Bournemouth 2026.

A number of miniature gold lions will be awarded to individuals, or community groups, who have shown commitment, enthusiasm and dedication to improve the lives of others. The awards have been organised by Bournemouth 2026 Partnership and backed by the Bournemouth Daily Echo, JP Morgan, Yellow Buses and BH Live. The winning nominees will take home an exclusive Wild in Art lion cub. They will also be invited to an awards night at Bournemouth Pavillion on September 18, which is part of the Pride of Bournemouth auction of lions in aid of Julia’s House Hospice and Born Free Foundation.

Gold-Pride lion can be found at the location of Quick Street in Bournemouth gardens.

Lion number 7 is Ford Robot created by artist Stuart Palmer, sponsored by Tandi Creative Media.  Ford Robot can be found in Bournemouth’s Upper Gardens, Queens Road.  Stuart’s lion is inspired by an extract from ‘So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish’ the fourth book of the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  Click on Stuart’s name to follow the link and find out more about his design.

Lion number 8 is Hutty created by artist Robyn Elderfield and sponsored by Wild in Art.  Hutty can be found in Bournemouth gardens by the tennis courts.

The Pride in Bournemouth event runs until September 3rd x



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