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Saturday Safari

On today’s safari we have lions 10, 11, 12 and 13.

Lion number 10 on the trail map is Britannia created by artist Hazel Evans and sponsored by Britannia Leatherburrows Removals and Storage .

Britannia can be found in Bournemouth’s Upper Gardens.

Lion number 11 is It’s Got To Be Bournemouth by artists Carol Childs and Julian Sandy, sponsored by Bournemouth Borough Council and can be found in front of Bournemouth’s Town Hall.

Next is lion number 12, Mist of Bournemouth created by artist Dhaval Husmucial and sponsored by Cafe Renarto.  Mist is in Bournemouth’s Town Square.

Our final lion today is Singha, created by Get Set Graphics and sponsored by Sembcorp Bournemouth Water.  Singha is in Bournemouth Gardens by the Bournemouth Eye sightseeing balloon.

That’s the end of the safari for today.  We are currently following the trail map in numerical order, but have left out lion number 9.  This lion is our Dandelion and he will be featured last in a special Kiss the Frog x photoshoot 🙂 x

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