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The Fairy Kitten

Author Enid Blyton wrote a beautifully magical story called “ The Fairy Kitten”.

In this story she described how a young boy lost his little grey kitten and while he was searching for his kitten in the woods he heard a noise coming from the middle of a prickly bush.  The little boy was surprised to see a pixie there who was caught in the prickly branches and carefully lifted him out of the bush.  The little pixie was very happy and promised to help find the kitten.  The pixie took out his pipe and played a lovely tune looking at the pussy willow bush.  The silver pussy willow buds changed into fairy kittens and the little boy took a fairy kitten home.

I read this story so many years ago and every time I see pussy willow buds I still wonder and maybe hope that they may just change into kittens 😉 x


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