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Treasure …..

Every year, when the catkins appear, I am reminded of Enid Blyton’s wonderful stories that I read over and over as a child.  I have kept those books.  Parting with them would be like losing special treasure.

I last mentioned the catkins from Enid Blyton’s The Fairy Kitten story which can be found here.  This time it’s The Little Mewing Man from The Adventures of Pip.  I love the drawing of this rather peculiar looking man who sits at the foot of the pussy willow tree and plays a tune on his flute.  As the furry buds of the pussy willow swell and grow into the little kittens they all run over to him and he puts them into a sack.  Pip isn’t happy about this but their fate is not disclosed.  I kind of hope The Little Mewing Man takes them to live with the fairies 😉 x

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